The Maximum Entropy Method of Data Analysis

I. Read this Overview First II. The Numerical Inversion Problem III. Two Sample MEM Inversions IV. Motivating the MEM with Monkeys V. Motivating the MEM with Kangaroos VI. MEM Algorithms VII. MEM Algorithms (cont.) VIII. Lifetime Distributions IX. Fourier Analysis X. Deconvolution XI. Positron Emission Tomography XII. Summary & Comments CMM
This is a brief introduction to the maximum entropy method (mem) of data analysis and image processing. First, the numerical inversion problem of interest is defined in general terms. Then, the mem philosophy is outlined, and several example applications are given, including Fourier analysis, deconvolution, Laplace inversion, and positron emission tomography.

Software can be downloaded for the analysis of kinetics data.

For more information or to discuss the application of the mem software demonstrated here to your data, feel free to contact Dr. Peter J. Steinbach, Center for Molecular Modeling, Center for Information Technology, National Institutes of Health (

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